Coddled Care
Organic Childcare for Infants and Toddlers
2335 W. Foster Ave. Chicago, Il  60625
Organic Infant & Toddler Care

Earth Friendly Daycare of The Highest Quality.

We pride ourselves in being a Earth friendly daycare.  Some of the features that make us green are we provide organic baby food and Earth's  Best organic formula for our infants. Food 2 You catering service provides organic meals and milk for our toddlers. Our staff members use eco-friendly cleaning supplies daily by to keep the enviroment clean. Deep cleaning is done once a week by Building Stars, we participate in their Green Star cleaning service. Coddled Care is an aerosol free environment. We provide organic bedding for cribs and cots, wooden toys, naphthalene-free and PVC-free plastics and we recycle!

Infant​ Care 

​   ​
Infants need safe spaces to grow and learn, at home and away from home. When your infant is in our care, we are committed to providing a nurturing and caring environment that meets both your needs and the needs of your child.
As your infant grows and changes - which happens on a daily basis at this stage - we make changes, too based on your guidance, so development and learning unfolds naturally. We are delighted to share these moments with you as your child discovers the world around them.
Coddled Care offers age-appropriate toys and materials that get your infant thinking and moving. We use music and movement, cause-and-effect toys, singing songs and finger plays, exposure to soft block building and story time to help your infant learn at their pace.
Coddled Care introduces your infant to group activities to start building socialization skills. We provide group interactions and time for lots of love and attention to help your infant develop personal connections with peers and adults alike. Coddled Care  individualizes the care we give to your infant to nurture trust and self-esteem. We encourage partnership with parents to understand what is most important to your family and tailor your infant's experience accordingly.

Toddler Care

Toddlers are explorers on the road to learning. They walk all over, eat table food and often take just one nap a day. Let us guide your child through experiences that will engage, excite and enrich him/her on a daily basis while implementing our
research-based Mother Goose Time curriculum.
In a safe and nurturing environment, your little adventurer will find his voice, make new friends and develop confidence in newfound abilities. We build brainpower through creative games and colorful stories, while helping your child acclimate to a more routine or structured setting.
Visit your toddler anytime during the day to catch him in the act of learning. We will share your joy as we tell you about his new experiences and exciting accomplishments.
Coddled Care offers age-appropriate toys and materials that help your toddler develop a love of learning. We teach toddlers through exposure to colors and different properties, block building, basic puzzles and more.

Coddled Care encourages early friendships to boost your child's social skills. We help toddlers work alongside other children on art projects, learn to deal with conflict and solve problems individually and in a group.
Coddled Care gives equal time to nurturing, playing and learning. We balance fun and learning through dress up and discovery of their transformation in a mirror and manipulating props, such as kitchenware, in the dramatic play area. Coddled Care makes sure kids have time to be active and develop gross motor skills. We keep toddlers active through singing, dancing and mimicking, sand and water play, and playtime with cause-and-effect toys.